There’s no place in Indonesia like Bali or the so called Land of the Gods.  

Bali has a lot to offer aside from its majestic landscapes, beautiful beaches that have been visited by tourists because of its breathtaking waves, and local dishes that will surely catch your appetite. This paradise which has been recognized with various travel awards has rich traditional and historical attractions such as temples, museums and art galleries that will give you a glimpse of the place. One thing that is most admirable in Bali is its culture that has been treasured and passed through the years. The locals are described as affable and hospitable to everyone—no wonder why Bali has been a good name from its international visitors.




Indonesia has two kinds of business visas to offer for foreigners who will attend conference, seminar and other business gatherings; single entry business visa and multiple entry business visa. In attending events and conference, a letter of invitation is usually asked from the conference host which includes the agenda and other details of the event.
The issuance of these is within five to six working days whilst the validity of visa usually takes three months from the date of issue.

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Indonesia has released the visa exemption for almost 90 countries that is allowed for tourism, business, government and social cultural purposes.

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Chile
  • Ecuador
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Laos
  • Macao SAR
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand

Below countries are only exempted for the tourism visa. Australia is soon to be exempted for this.

  • Algeria                                                  Iceland                                                 Portugal
  • Angola                                                  India                                                      Qatar
  • Argentina                                            Ireland                                                  Romania
  • Austria                                                  Italy                                                       Russia
  • Azerbaijan                                          Japan                                                    San Marino
  • Bahrain                                                 Jordan                                                  Saudi Arabia
  • Belarusia                                              Kazakhstan                                         Seychelles
  • Belgium                                                Kuwait                                                  Slovakia
  • Bulgaria                                                Kyrgyzstan                                          Slovania
  • Canada                                                 Latvia                                                    South Africa
  • Czech Republic                                  Lebanon                                              South Korea
  • China                                                     Liechtenstein                                     Spain
  • Croatia                                                  Lithuania                                              Suriname
  • Cyprus                                                  Luxembourg                                      Sweden
  • Denmark                                             Maldives                                              Switzerland
  • Dominica                                             Malta                                                    Taiwan
  • Egypt                                                     Mexico                                                 Tanzania
  • Estonia                                                 Monaco                                               Timor Leste
  • Fiji                                                          Netherlands                                       Tunisia
  • Finland                                                 New Zealand                                     Turkey
  • France                                                  Norway                                                                UAE
  • Germany                                             Oman                                                    UK
  • Ghana                                                   Panama                                                USA      
  • Greece                                                 Papua New Guinea                         Vatican
  • Hungary                                               Poland                                                  Venezeula

For more information about the Visa and Immigration in Bali, Indonesia, kindly visit this site: https://www.bali.com/visa-indonesia-entry-requirements-bali.html